Making space to
live and work





SortedLondon is a new kind of organisational business.
We not only help you assess your stuff and declutter, but we also plan a layout where all your stuff should go. With our expertise in organisation, storage and interior design, we'll make your space work better for you.


What we do

We transform your office or home into an organised and
clutter-free space in 4 simple steps:

1. Meet and look at your space.
2. Help you choose the things you love.
3. Remove and recycle what you don't.
4. Arrange the rest.


Who we work with

Are you looking to improve your work environment by freeing up space and maximising your office layout?
Or do you need help at home downsizing or dealing with storage or relocation?  
We work with clients struggling with 'stuffocation' and needing to make a change.

Commercial Clients

Commercial Clients

Residential  Clients

What our clients say

“Rachel and Becky were great to work with, energetic and supportive, organising us without being bossy, giving us space to consider things calmly, and helping out with questions when it was hard to know what should stay and what should go.

Since they sorted out my office, I am finding that my way of working has improved. I find myself setting aside blocks of time to focus on one project at a time rather than jumping back and forth, and am no doubt more productive as a result of my office being free of clutter. Thank you!”
— Martha Read, Martha Read Architects Ltd.
“You don’t know what a life saver you’ve been. You’ve changed my house from frumpy chaos into the home it was always supposed to be.”
— Hattie Worboys, homeowner
“I’ve been working 
in our new office this afternoon. I say ‘new’ because that’s how it feels. Our work space is cleared, and so is our head space.”
— Rob Smith,
“It’s so wonderful to finally know where everything is in my house. Thank you.”
— Maria Cox, homeowner
“You’ve helped us to work leaner and more efficiently, giving us more time.”
— Nigel Killick,
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Want to reclaim your space?